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WINSTA HOLDING STRIVES TO PROVIDE A TOUCH OF HOMELY AMBIENCE TO ALL USERS and It’s definitely a one-stop-fits-all accommodation provider in SINGAPORE.

Katong Hostel – our first Hostel AND OUR FLAGSHIP was established in 2003. It comprises of 14 blocks and currently house up to 1000 students, making it the largest private student hostel around.

In recent years, Winsta Holding had developed the Pearl Hill Hostel in Year (2004), Carlisle Hostel in Year (2008), Queensway Hostel in Year (2008), The Hill Lodge @ Mount Vernon in Year (2012), and the latest Evan Hostel in Year (2013). Each of the properties that we managed have different living concept. With the current student population of 3000 students from 35 nationalities residing in our hostels.

The management team of Katong Hostel Pte Ltd ensures that most needs of the student occupants would be taken care of. Privacy is ensured with cctv installed in most areas The place is furbished to enable cooking, washing, studying, making of overseas phone calls and so on. A computer room with Internet connection makes is possible for student to do online researches. There are also common areas to allow interaction. On the recreation side, a basketball court, football field and a poolroom are available within the premise to help ease stressful tensions.

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Let our consultants adivse the best choice and accommodation for your stay in Singapore!!


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